Rondebord app

What is it?

The lap board app is an Android application for speed skate coaches. The app consists of several parts. For example lap board, stopwatch and schedules. The app can be used on phones and tablets with Android version 1.6 and up. The use of a tablet is recommended.

How can you use it?


1.1 Standard lap board app use with one skater
More tutorials will folow.


1.0 Standard lap board app use with one skater

Buy the app

You can buy the app in the Google Play Store.

You can buy the app by downloading the "ID Calculator app". This app calculates an unique id for the device you want to use the "Lap Board app" on. If you mail the id to, you will get a bank account where you can transfer € 15,- to. When the transfer is received, the mailed id will be added to the "Lap Board app" and you will get a mail with the app. Updates for the application will be available on this website. On some devices it may be necessary to put on wifi to get past the id check at startup of the app.

Missing functions or error?

If you are missing a function or if you find a bug in the application, you can send a mail to, which I then will try to solve.


ID Calculator ID Calculator 1.0.002 03-11-2011

Lap Board Lap Board 1.0.100 27-12-2013 Changes Get it on Google Play